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Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast


36 servings of the best quality chicken breast ready to use today or a decade from now. A healthy and reliable source of protein for you and your loved ones.

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product description

NuManna’s new Freeze-Dried Diced Chicken Breast contains 36 servings of nutritional, quality food that provides you and your family with all the protein a body needs. You can cook and eat our tasty, freeze-dried chicken breast separately or use it to supplement any NuManna meal. And you can enjoy eating it today or years from now—our dried chicken breast lasts 25 years or more with proper storage, but it’s so delicious you might not want to wait!

Our freeze-dried chicken breast is a great and healthy source of protein, over 25 grams per serving. By adding our diced chicken to NuManna easy fix meals, you can serve up scrumptious full meals to your family.